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ThermaSteel ASTM E 119-83, Report WHI-694-0187 PDF icon ThermaSteel ASTM E 119-83, Report WHI-694-0187

2 Hour Fire Test Report, WHI-694-0187

ThermaSteel IAPMO Report 0128 PDF icon ThermaSteel IAPMO Report 0128

IAPMO is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-recognized Standards Development Organization (SDO) and a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL). Find their certifications on the NLRB Website 

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Miami Dade Structural Test PDF icon

Wall Panel Structural Test Report - 0168-0808-98 

Smoke and Flame Spread PDF icon ts.smoke-and-flame-spread.pdf

Smoke and Flame Spread data provided by EPS manufacturer Nova Chemicals

STC Rated Assemblies PDF icon

Diagram of ThermaSteel's STC rated assemblies

ThermaSteel Assembly Manual PDF icon ThermaSteel Assembly Manual
ThermaSteel Connection Details PDF icon Connection Details
ThermaSteel Product MSDS PDF icon ThermaSteel Product MSDS
ThermaSteel Specification Sheet PDF icon ThermaSteel Specification Sheet

All the details in one place. For even more detailed information download the IAPMO Report ES-128.

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Project Survey PDF icon ThermaSteel Project Survey

Before we estimating any residential project it's important for us to know the priorities of our client. Complete the Project Survey to let us know your objectives and priorities.

ThermaSteel Project Checklist PDF icon ThermaSteel Project Checklist

Use the ThermaSteel Project Checklist to expedite your project to completion.

Promotional Literature
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ThermaSteel Brochure PDF icon ThermaSteel Brochure