Thermasteel Testimonials

"The strongest building I've ever encountered"

On September 6th , 2017, the Caribbean Beacon radio station on the island of Anguilla was devastated by Hurricane Irma. The eye wall wind speeds of 225mph with gusts up to 250mph was the equivalent of an F4 tornado parked on top of our station for over an hour. Our shortwave feed line was ripped from the building, the 14 foot tall feed line support poles bent like rubber. The two 120 foot shortwave antenna towers were twisted, the AM combiners were hurled 700 feet across the property and the 360 foot tall AM radio tower fell like a noodle on top of our reinforced Thermasteel building. From the initial reports I expected a total loss, but when I arrived 5 days later I was amazed at the actual condition of the building. The concrete roof and eves were crushed directly under where the tower fell, puncturing the roof structure in several places. The steel I-beam bent and twisted under the tremendous impact, but held in place. Most any structure subject to that wind speed and compromised with a partial collapse would have come completely apart. Your building held together and did its job wonderfully. The structure stayed intact and protected the contents including our transmitters, switchgear, safety switch and generator. We will be repairing this building and our future plans will include Thermasteel buildings and room additions. Thank you for engineering the strongest building I've ever encountered.

Staff-Caribbean Beacon
October 29, 2017


"Everything I heard about your system turned out to be true and I am thoroughly sold on it."

Now that my house is finished, I am writing this letter to let you know what I think of your panel system. I have built many homes on spec over the years. After some research I decided to use your panel system to build at least one of two houses in Highland Park instead of using conventional 2 X 4 wood members and fiberglass insulation. I was convinced but l still used wood for interior walls and floor members, etc. WHAT A MISTAKE! Your panels are far superior to wood construction in every way. The walls went up quick and easy, even though my construction crew had never seen anything like them before. No new tools, and we learned how to use the product in a matter of minutes.

The plumbing and electrical contractors loved working with your panels because of the molded-in electrical races and case of installation of wire and pipe. The house finished beautifully inside and out, due to the flat straight walls that you told me was the characteristic of Wallframe walls. You were absolutely correct. It is very quiet and cool also. The A/C is not operational yet, and even on the hottest day so far, it has remained cool inside.

The building inspector loved the system and commented that he expects to see more of it in the area soon because of all the problems he has seen with the quality of wood lately. It's so straight forward that inspection time and the number of inspections are reduced and simplified.

In June we had a 5.8 earthquake and I was in the house when it happened. There was no noise like most houses that squeak and rumble and rattle. Even better there were no cracks inside or outside after the quake even though the stucco was just 5 days old (normal cure for stucco is 28 days).

Everything I heard about your system turned out to be true and I am thoroughly sold on it. In fact I will be using it for another Highland Park project. But this time I will not use wood with it.

Thank you, George Caceres Davis


"Your ThermaSteel building has just passed the most severe test that nature could have hurled at it..."

Your ThermaSteel building has just passed the most severe test that nature could have hurled at it during the recent visit by hurricane "Luis". Anguilla took a direct hit with "Luis" as the eye of the storm passed immediately over the island on September 5th. The island sustained winds of over 175mph for nearly 10 hours. The windows in the nearby Airport Control Tower were designed to withstand 200 mph winds yet all the windows were blown out at the height of the storm! Needless to say, all eyes were on our new "ThermaSteel" building. The only damage done to the building was when a 40 foot container sitting on the ground some 15-20 feet away from the north wall, was picked up, overturned, and thrust into the side of the building. The two corner panels can be replaced easily with no affect on the structural integrity of the building. I am thankful it was not a brick wall structure! The million dollar transmitter installation inside suffered absolutely no damage whatsoever.

Gary L. Hunter  - Construction Contractor, Caribbean Beacon Radio


" 84% reduction in utility cost over what I was used to paying."

We recently completed our all ThermaSteel home in Quitman, Texas, about 80 miles outside of Dallas. It ended up being 1,500 sq. ft. with 15' cathedral ceilings. I'm a native Texan and have lived in Texas all my life. It is a well known fact that Texas can have the most fickle weather on earth...boiling one minute and hail hitting you in the face the next.

I have always lived in conventionally built homes and am used to $200+ heating and cooling bills per month in these heavy stress months. I was very anxious to see how my ThermaSteel home would benefit my monthly savings. To my surprise the bill for my first two months, July and August came to just $32. According to my calculations that's an 84% reduction in utility cost over what I was used to paying. If you would like to have anyone call for verification please feel free to give them my number.

Don Bowles - A satisfied and happy ThermaSteel homeowner


" one of the coldest months of the winter the bill was just $42.71. That's what I call economical!"

I have been living in my ThermaSteel home now for more than five years and I have to say that it has saved me a small fortune in heating bills. I live in Radford, VA. It's up in the mountains in the southwestern part of the state where it gets snowy and cold. I have enclosed some of the heating bills for the coldest part of the months and as you can see it doesn't take much to keep us comfortable in our ThermaSteel home. In September our bill was only $0.45, but in one of the coldest months of the winter the bill was just $42.71. That's what I call economical!

We love our home because it's cozy, comfortable, and easy to maintain. We have never had a nail pop and our walls are as straight as the day we moved in. When the snow is on the roof you can tell our home is ThermaSteel because you don't see the uneven melting of the snow like on the other roofs. If a person wants to live in total comfort economically I would highly recommend building out of ThermaSteel. Thanks for producing such a great building system.

Patricia Johnston

"...very pleased with the product, both for the thermal insulation and especially the ease of installation."

I first used the Thermasteel product in 1996. I was very pleased with the product, both for the thermal insulation and especially the ease of installation. Even not being carpenters or builders, we were able to assemble the panels and finish the job. We had to learn how to do such things as anchor the interior walls to the framing and construct a second floor and roof structure. We used the panels for all exterior walls and roof. When the air conditioning subcontractor performed his tests, he was amazed at the insulation ratings. We did put fans in all rooms and an air conditioner was not required much of the time to maintain a constant temperature. We are in Florida, and this construction product was excellent. I have since sold the unit, the fact that it was construction of ThermaSteel panels increased the resale value.

I am currently looking to build another home. This year 2017, I looked up ThermaSteel and talked with them again about using their product for construction. The fact that they have been in business this long speaks well for them. We are working on design now and hopefully this month will have plans ready for an estimate. The savings in insulation, construction time and expense, quality and long-term energy savings makes this product a choice alternative for anyone.

Steve Moon Tallahassee, FL 32317